The Walking Dead stars reacted to the Teaser of the Grand Finale!

The Walking Dead Season 11 on the run!

The Walking Dead started its Season 11’s run on Sunday night, with the stars of AMC’s zombie hit celebrating the series finale at an event in Los Angeles. Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mellisa McBride, and Lauren Cohan walked the carpet at the downtown Orpheum Theatre alongside their costars of past and present.

Season11 from the walking dead

Cohan in an interview about the last episodes

Cohan told in an interview that the last few episodes of the series, The Walking Dead moved him in all ways and the show has cumulatively done over the years, so he loved it. He further said that he thinks that the show demonstrated the friendship that the characters have, demonstrated how they deal with loss and how they celebrate being together. He said that that’s what he feels tonight too.

The Series

As per the fans, Sunday night’s finale ended bloody with a hopeful note with some sad surprise deaths along the way and saw the characters set to go their separate way.

Morgan on his last episode for the series, The Walking Dead

Morgan said he was in denial that the show was ending but admitted that every time he read the script he knew that they are getting closer to the end, he considered it as a horrible countdown which he was in denial with.

He also revealed that he hadn’t watched any of the final eight episodes of the season of The Walking Dead as he wanted some alone time. He said that he even didn’t want to watch the final episodes with his kids and wife and his excuse to everyone as he is busy working.

The Walking Dead

Morgan took his final episodes of The Walking Dead so seriously that during the film’s live show for AMC he sat at the bar in the back and went for a drink and did not watch it. Inside the event where host Chris Hardwick hosted a live version of his Talking Dead the show. Gurira made an appearance after her character had a surprise role in the finale.

The teaser for the end is the beginning

The end is the beginning teaser showcases whether wounded Morgan will help a desperate stranger and tries to finish what Ginny couldn’t.