Governors Award 2022 presented to the foursome Diane Warren, Euzhan Palcy, Peter Weir and Michel J. Fox

The Annual Governors Award 2022

The Annual Governors Awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and science held on Saturday night was perhaps the biggest crowd of industry notables and Oscar contenders. The 13th Annual Governors Awards is a non-televised event which meant that the recipients can go as long as they like with their acceptance speeches.

The four winner of the award in 2022

The particular foursome who won the honorary Governors awards were Peter Weir, Euzhan Palcy and Diane Warren. The Humanitarian Award recipient was Michel J. Fox. Each speech made by these winners was the most heartfelt and compelling speech ever heard at the Governor’s Award. Among other attendees were Cher, Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Olivia Wilde, Florence Pugh, Jordan Peele, Jonathan Majors, Jessica Chastain, and many more.

Award Winners

Diana Warren and her speech after winning the award

Diana Warren has been Oscar Nominated 13 times but never won until her Governors award was introduced by Cher.

Warren, tear up when she was talking about her late parents and said she love that she got to do this and write songs from a movie that can make someone cry, something they might remember for their whole life and this is what she loves to do. She thanked the academy for it.

Diane Warren | Governors Award

Weir, a six-time Academy Award nominee, reminisced about his career directing films such as Witness and remembered some of his other collaborations.

Michael J. Fox

Viola Davis later introduced Palcy whose film A Dry White Season earned an Oscar nomination.

Euzhan Palcy and her inspiring speech for the Governor’s Award

Euzhan Palcy concluded the evening with her fiery inspiring speech, detailing why she stopped making films and the efforts of persuading people to believe in her.

She further said that she lost her willingness to hear those words of Black is not Bankable and female is not bankable. She further said that her stories are not white, they are universal and colorful.

She said that blank and female both are bankable. She thanked the academy for helping her to lead the charge to change the film industry and opening doors for the closed visions.