Cheryl Burke got eliminated from the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Cheryl Burke is leaving “Dancing with the Stars” after season 31

Cheryl Burke announces her exit via Instagram. She worked for 26 season and now everyone is hoping her return after few times. When asked about it in an interview she said, “If I were to just talk as an athlete, a dancer and a woman, my time has been up.” She says that she is 38 years old and when it comes as a competitive dancer at 21, It was a different story.


She further talks about how the decision in itself was really tough for her to put everything aside and to come to Los Angeles and work on a TV show. She only planned to work for 1 season and return back.

Burke’s journey on the show

Cheryl Burke joined the show in 2006. She competed hard and performed beautifully which made her win the second and third season with co-partners Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith respectively. After that she left the show in the season 19 but no worries as she came back in the 23rd season. Her go and come session took after that which happened at the absence of 24-26 seasons. She returned in 27th season.

Cheryl burke
Credits: Instagram @cherylburke

Ups and down are a part of the game and so did happen in Bruke’s life again. She got eliminated with Sam Champion as her dance partner. After her elimination she said, “I want to continue to evolve. Whether that be with the show or not, is up to me.”

Cheryl Burke also talks about her experience in the show and called it her second family as she joined it when she was just 21 years old. The cast, crew & fans have her through her highest highs & some of her lowest lows. She further adds,” I honestly don’t know who I would be today without them.”

Let’s see what’s new turn in Cheryl Bruke’s life. For getting the further updates, keep a track on the upcoming news.