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The Walking Dead: Fans cannot get Enough of These Favourite Characters From Popular Series

Credit: AMC

While the popular zombie drama series The Walking Dead is finally wrapping up their final chapter with season 11, here are some of the most popular fan-favorite characters of all time!

These Characters Have Evolved With Time And Are Loved By Fans In The Series!

  1. While Melissa McBride’s Carol cannot steer clear of one tragedy after another, she soon became one of the most important and surviving characters in the series. While the character has made some poor choices in the zombie thriller, she made her way out and emerged victoriously, becoming one of the most loved characters who are all set to get her spinoff show with Daryl.
  2. Fans cannot get enough of Daryl’s character, the character is widely loved in the entire show, and as the members say in the show itself if he does, they sure will riot! His character’s development and likeness grew with each season in The Walking Dead.
  3. Ross Marquand’s garnered a huge fan following since his portrayal of Aaron in the zombie adventure series. Aaron had to go through a lot in the show from losing his partner to the closest friend, however, he still sees the good in people and fans love his character for that.

4. Rick Grimes’ character is a popular because he is a fighter and a survivor. He has an unique sense of justice that saved several lives over the years but can be insane at times as well. The fact that his character has different shades to it which becomes interesting with time is what makes Rick Grimes such a popular one amongst Walking Dead fanatics! Speculations of a stand-alone film revolving Rick Grimes is also doing the rounds.