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The Boys: Shocking Facts You might not Know about Billy Butcher from the Popular Series

While popular series The Boys is back with a brand new second season on Amazon Prime, fans surely cannot get enough of these characters who are insane and yet manages to get the job done!

Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Billy Butcher From The Boys!

  1. One of the most iconic characters that were made to come alive on screen from the pages of the original story was that of Billy the Butcher. Karl Urban’s portrayal of the maniac is loved by fans but there are so many things that you might know about him as of yet!

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2.  One thing that is pretty the same between the comic character and the on-screen character is that both the versions use cuss words at almost all times! Moreover, Billy has a pet bulldog named Terror who has a bit of compound V in him. The dog can do vicious things on Billy’s command! 

3. Believe it or not but Billy’s hatred for the superheroes is much more extreme in the comics. In the comics, Billy goes to an extent of offing Seven. While the series seems to have mellowed down the hatred in Billy. 

4. While fans might be wondering what led to such an angry and self-destructive personality within Billy, he had a rather rough childhood. Billy had an abusive father who tortured the two siblings to such an extend that Billy’s younger brother had to take his own life.

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5. It is speculated that Billy might be a cannibal. Just like his pet dog Terror, he might also have traits that suggest that Billy might be interested in the human flesh a bit too much than usual! Well, that won’t be surprising !