Re Zero season 2: Will Subaru be able to start from the bottom again? Check out for all details.

Re Zero is a series that debut in 2016 with the first blockbuster season. The series has established itself in the entertainment industry and has received a positive response from the audiences. The anime adapted from the manga, it is a series that has gained wide recognition worldwide. As the first season ended, there were many questions in the minds of fans who were waiting for them to be answered in the upcoming season, and with the schedule of the release of the second season, those questions will be answered in phases.

When can we expect the release?

Good things take time, however, the wait is worth watching. The result of the wait will be nothing but fruitful. The pandemic has caused much delay to nearly every industry and so to the entertainment industry. The second season is awaited by the fans for the unraveling secrets with the season. The official release date has been changing regularly due to the pandemic, however, the current emphasis has been laid to July 2020. That was the decided month for the release of the season.

What will the cast of the series be?

The leading characters will remain the same, changes that will be brought will be subtle and sweet for the viewers as the changes will be for the good. Rem, Emilia, Subaru Natsuki will be the main characters as in the previous season. Their roles were appreciated by the viewers and have build a huge, concrete fanbase in the world over. Fans appreciate their roles and had taken to convey that to the creators of the series to carry their words of gratitude for coming up with such talented characters. Fans must wait for the season to get over for getting their questions answered.