Justin Bieber’s Latest Song Holy with Chance the Rapper, Is All About The Essence Of Love And Faith!

It seems like the quarantine is not stopping put artists from making exciting new music albums for their fans and Justin Bieber recently releases his single titled Holy along with Chance The Rapper.


Don’t Forget To Listen To Justin Bieber’s Latest Song, Holy!

The soul-soothing music and the meaning full lyrics will definitely catch your attention and will make you be the other version of yourself but also don’t miss out on the heartwarming story as well. Here’s a little sneak peek into the latest song , right here!



The music video also stars Ryan Destiny and Wilmer Valderrama, the video is directed by Colin Tilley, who is also behind the recent chart-topper music video WAP. Justin Bieber shared the video on all social media platforms defining the video as something that heralded a new era.


Justin Bieber Has Collaborated With Chance The Rapper For The Latest Release.

The video shows a couple on the streets after getting evicted, they are soon spotted by a U.S army soldier and takes them for a hot meal with his family. The people sit together and hold hands and pray with love, faith, and hope. As the people struggles with their own individual issues, it is all about their love for their dear ones and faith that holds them together through this tough time. The video is soul soothing and definitely catchy as well.


Chance The Rapper called Justin Bieber his best friends and the two have earlier collaborated for several music videos as well. Don’t miss out and listen to the recent song now! It is already going quite viral amongst music fanatics and might soon become the chart topper pretty soon enough!