The Popular Lucy Holden memoir ‘Lucid’ to be adapted as a Drama

‘Lucid’: Lucy Holden memoir to be adapted as a drama

‘Lucid’ is the memoir novel by Lucy Holden. It is a hilarious and emotional memoir about a young woman asking herself how long she was until her acts cracks completely and also about her mental health. The whole novel tells about how a young woman struggles to be understood in today’s society.

Lucy Holden | Lucid
Lucy Holden and ‘Lucid’ Credits: TBI

Recently, the reports have said something interesting about this memoir. ‘Lucid’ is going to be adapted into a drama really soon. Glasgow based casting company Freedom Scripted has acquired their rights over Lucid. Freedom Scripted are all set to convert the memoir into TV series and make people look at its enriching beauty.

Lucy Holden Memoir:

The story of memoir goes like it is the tale of  young generation where it struggles the constant battles between freedom and fear which comes out of the coming age from 2010s and beyond. It is the story of wild twenties of a journalist. Lucy is a ambitious young journalist in the whole novel.

Lucy Holden
Credits: The Times

Holden expressed that she is really proud to be working with Freedom and that Freedom has acquired rights over it. She said that Lucid has memories about her wild twenties. She also added that she has many requests from the non readers to tell her story. Lucy is her experience where she unveils herself more through her twenties. Lucy faces her own trauma out of standstill in the novel and it has to be depicted in TV series itself.

Freedom scripted has also adopted few of the other remarkable memoirs out of which Sarah Moss’ novel Summerwater by John Donnelly; Glasgow-set crime thriller Southside and Unseen are few of the success stories of their TV depictions.

It will be interesting enough to watch the series of this story line. The release is much awaited.

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