‘The Eternal Daughter’: First Official Trailer for Joanna Hogg’s Ghost Tale Starring Tilda Swinton is Out!

The Eternal Daughter: “Trailer is out!”

After the long wait, finally A24 has released the first trailer of “The Eternal Daughter” by Joanna Hogg’s. Starring Tilda Swinton, the trailer is already creating a buzz, so have a look to the trailer below:

According to reports, the film is about a haunted story of a family which includes a teenage daughter, with her mother who must scrap the secrets behind the dark past as soon as they return to their home. A creepy hotel with none to stay in it was the one with creepy stuff within.

Tilda Swinton

The film was shot secretly in Wales during lockdown, when everyone was inside their homes. The project unites Swinton and Hogg, as they have collaborated in Hogg’s autobiographical series Souvenir. One of the twists you’ll see in the film with be the double role of Swinton. She will be playing the part of both mother and daughter. Joseph Mydell and Carly-Sophia Davies will also be seen in the cast.

Damon wise:” A very strange hit but….”

The production includes Hogg herself and Ed Guiney, Emma Norton, and Andrew Lowe. Ed Rutherford for the best cinematographer, with all the creepy costume design by Grace Snell, finest editing by Helle Le Fevre, and production design by Stéphane Collonge.

The film already got released in Venice, Toronto, New York, and London and Damon Wise was seen calling the film as “fascinating foray into genre cinema.”

Trailer is out!!

He further about the film being getting successful. Taking forward his positive hopes he further adds as the film will hit a “very strange but significant nerve”. He elaborated as a film about that time in our lives when the things that we take for granted are suddenly snatched away. The film is all set to premiere on December 2.

Keeping the hopes high, do wait for the further news for the film, till then enjoy the trailer and share it with your family and friends.

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