“The Politician”: Trailer released, A unique combination of Politics and Humor!! Checkout what the trailer has to say!

The politician is an upcoming American comedy web series. It jas been created by Ryan Murphy ( American screenwriter, director, and producer ), Brad Falchuk ( American television writer, we’ll know for the television series Glee), and Ian Brennan ( American television writer, who is well known for his work in Scream Queens). It would air on Netflix on September 27, 2019. The Politicians is set to revolve around a wealthy Santa Barbarian.

Every season would revolve around, a different political race. Payton Hobart has known since the age of 7 that he would be the President of the United States. The trailer of the series has been released. The series teases the high society and dirty Politics. With the first look can be estimated that the series would revolve around drama and glamour
The series has got right episodes in this season. Murphy said that the series is meant as a satirical class takedown with a modern twist. Politics has several sub-branches; it is not just what we know. It is about maintaining equality. It’s about keeping a balance between equality and liberty. The rights of the citizens have to be kept in mind as well. Although in today’s world, nobody thinks about these parameters, still these should be kept in mind.
The show would focus on the current, political situation. In the trailer, it could be seen that a student has been denied to vote in school election because he did not have ID. School elections are comparatively at a small level as compared to the national one.
About politics, the plethora of drama has been represented sarcastically. The high society drama is different from other series. The series of eight episodes would throw light on different areas of politics. The excitement level of fans has increased after the trailer was released. Everybody is curious to know what the series would unroll.