Love is all you need !! Lisa Niemi reveals more about Patrick Swayze to world!!

People from all around the world remember Patrick Swayze from his iconic roles. One of his famous iconic roles was being a dance instructor from the wrong side of tracks in the film Dirty Dancing. His other roles include being a no-nonsense bouncer in the film Road House, a posthumous pottery thrower in the film Ghost and much more.

Patrick Swayze has passed away in the year 2009 after battling hard with his pancreatic cancer. The late of Patrick Swayze has sat down with the ET just before the release of her husband’s documentary titled “I Am Patrick Swayze.” Probably no one else in this world knew Patrick Swayze better than his widow wife, Lisa Niemi. With the ET, Lisa Niemi talked about her late husband’s legacy and life.


Lisa Niemi said that it is the worst thing anyone could go through, possibly. Patrick Swayze passed away at the age of 57 years old. Lisa Niemi said that Patrick Swayze fought for nearly 22 months and implied that it was a miracle that he survived that long considering the diagnosis he received. Lisa Niemi reflected that Patrick Swayze fought every day on his own.

Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze married each other in the year 1975 and were married until his death in 2009.

Lisa Niemi mentioned that Patrick Swayze and herself met each other when they were teenagers. Lisa Niemi back then was taking dancing lessons from Swayze’s mother. Patrick Swayze has released his first feature film four years later his marriage with Lisa Niemi. The film was titled as Skatetown, U.S.A. and is a roller disco film.

Lisa Niemi recalled that the first time she and Patrick danced was at their school exhibition.

The film “I Am Patrick Swayze” gives people a candid look at the actor’s life, including his struggle, his alcohol abuse, and his demons. The movie also shows that he and his wife have separated before Patrick Swayze’s cancer diagnosis.