The Pokemon: Journeys Series Season 1 Will Be Available To Binge Watch On Netflix This June!

Apart from releasing some hit films and series back to back, streaming giant Netflix is experimenting a lot with animated projects these days. Netflix is bringing another hit animated series this fans can binge watch it as well.

The Pokemon Series Will Air On Netflix This June! Have A Look.

Apparently, the 23rd series of the all. time fan-favorite Pokemon Series will soon be available on Netflix this June. We will able to see more adventures and this time the leaders might also catch mystical news as well.

Watch the series as Ash and Goh cover the adventurous journey of being the Pokemon master by catching all the Pokemon. Moreover, there will be as many as twelve episodes as the series airs on the streaming giant this 12th June. The trailer is also available to fans to watch and have a quick look at it.

Don’t Forget To Catch On All The Pokemon Catching Fun!

Moreover, the series will.also have brand new theme music as well. Fans can watch the trailer of the Pokemon series and get a glimpse of what adventures lies ahead for Ash! The Pokemon franchise has been an extremely successful project over all these years and fans can seem to get enough of them!

While the first twelve episodes will be available on Netflix this June, the other twelve will be available three months of the duration of the season. So, don’t miss out on the episodes as our very own Ash is accompanied by all the friendly Pokemon. So, it’s time to relive this childhood moments with out favourite animated characters. This time did will m more pokemons and double the fun as well for fans!