Cara Delevingne showed her support for ex girlfriend Ashley Benson amid rumors of dating G Eazy all around!

The popular model as well as singer, Cara Delevingne is back in a controversial situation. She was dating The Spring Breakers actress Ashley Benson since 2018. But then both of them decided to end their relationship in April. However, this is not the actual controversy for the celebrity to get in news again.

According to some latest reports, Ashley was spotted with G-Easy inside a car in Los Angeles just after two weeks of her break up. Rapper G-Easy is popular for the song Still Be Friends. However, everything was alright until a video of Ashley and G-Easy was out in which they were allegedly kissing each other. This made Delevingne’s fans infuriated and with this they began shaming Ashley and trolling her with a lot of hateful messages.

However, Delevingne got into the matter and came up for rescuing her from all the bashing. She asked them to stop spreading the hate for Ashley since they do not know the actual truth behind why they got separated. It’s only known by the two of them. Thus, without knowing the full story they shouldn’t spread such hateful messages for her all around.

Ashley was really glad seeing this and shared her message to her story as well. But Cara did delete all her pictures with Ashley from all her social media accounts.

Ashley and G-Easy were spotted buying some groceries at a store in LA. However, they were wearing masks so no one could properly identify them. But the fans claim it to be them. Both of them have also been liking and commenting on each other’s posts now a days. And G-Easy has also posted a photo from a new song featuring Ashley.