The Doors of Stone: The Biggest Turn in the Trilogy to be Witnessed in the Third Sequel.

The Doors of Stone is a fictional novel with a taste of romanticism. The first part of the novel got released in 2007 and has been out with two parts to date.

The 3rd season will make a premiere in less than a year, as per the media outlets. The story focuses on the love between Denna and Kvothe. The former is in love with Denna and struggles to start every conversation with her so that his love life can progress. Throughout the series, Aaron has been a supporter of Kvothe, who ket all his secrets safe until now. The 3rd season will take off from the moment where The Wise Man’s Fear had ended and the story progresses with the same plot. 

When will the third part of the series reveal to the fans?

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The first part of the novel was the best selling novel as listed by the New York Times. The third series, as predicted will be released by the time 2020 ends. The story will progress in a never predicted way. Some believe that Kvothe’s companion, Aaron will betray him and leave afterwards. His secrets would be given out to the army and would be captured by them followed by his death. Although, guesses, the story is expected to progress this way and that has been able to build a fanbase around the world among the readers to read the third part of the novel.

The book is expected a lot from, especially after the release of the first two series which has gained wide acceptance in the public and so are people looking forward to reading the third part. The first two series have been accepted by the fans and the trilogy would see the biggest turn in the third part of the book series.