La Casa De Papel: The Passionate Love Story of Professor- Raquel Murillo that Developed with Each Season!

Sergio Mariquina, called The Professor, who was the mastermind behind all the robberies starting from the royal mint of Spain to the bank of Spain, too, had a love story which was very complicated but seemed real. 

In season 1, he was able to get close to the inspector, Raquel Murillo, with a fake identity- Salva Martin, the two got closer with each passing day, and fell in love with each other, Raquel being unaware that he is the professor who is behind the mission.


Even though Raquel was married before but divorced, she did not care about that and kept hanging out with him, the two got really close, and would spend loads of time together. 

Raquel kept falling deeply for him, and at first, The professor had nothing for her, he just had the intention to know about what’s happening and the upcoming plans of the police, but with time he developed strong feelings for her as well. 

                                                    Pic credits- Netflix

By the end of season 1, Raquel acknowledged that the guy she had fallen for, is no one but the professor, for which she did hate herself and wanted to harm him but couldn’t. She wanted to hand him over to the police and get him arrested, but instead ended helping the gang out. This showed she had actually fallen in love with him.  It is shown how she did not care about his identity, and ran together away from the place, not caring about the police and rules Raquel being an inspector had. 

Their love was proved and grew even stronger when even after knowing his real identity and the reasons why he did this heist, she still did not leave his side. Instead, she became a part of his plan for the next robbery, under the name of “Lisbon.” Now the inspector was also a part of their gang. 

This shows their true relationship and feelings, which kept them bound to each other. Raquel from being such a respected and appreciated officer to becoming a part of the money heist gang, everything changed.