The Originals: Here is how Rebekah Michaelson drank the cure and tried to fulfill her wish of being a human again! Check it out.

In the last episode of the show, The Originals we finally get to see Klaus Mikaelson granting Rebekah, his sister what she always wanted, and that was, the cure for immortality. In season 4 of The Vampire Diaries we get introduced to that cure.

The story about the cure gradually started unveiling when a member of The Five visited Mystic Falls. And we get to know that Qetsiyah, the witch was the one to create the immortality spell by cementing the eternal love. All these things happen after Silas betrays her and she come up with the cure. Qetsiyah plays a clever move by demanding Silas to drink it so that she can spend rest of her mortal live with him.

Nothing was gonna prevent her from doing what she wanted because when Silas refused to do what she asked him, she kidnapped him by locking him in a tomb, and the cure was also in there. And all the vampires were intrested to get the cure, Silas and the tomb.

While searching for Silas, the main characters including Rebekah land onto a remote island off the coast of Nova Scotia. However, Katherine Pierce was the one to free Silas and get the cure. And Bonnie Bennett was the one who fought the ancient witch and defeated her. Moreover, it was Damon Salvatore who handed the cure to Elena Gilbert. But at last, Stefan Salvatore murdered Silas and the cure got away with him.

But season 6 came with a new twist, when Bonnie got back from The Prison World, she brought back the cure. All the previous things happened again when Damon handed the cure to Elena. This cycle continues and Rebekah finally get the cure. Let’s see what happens in the future.