Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie back together?? What about the rumors regarding Pitt and the 27 year old model?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are one adorable couple fans love to hear about. And both of them are all prepared to launch the brand new Rose Champagne, production of which was done at the French Chateau that they bought at the time of their marriage.

Brad in one of his recent interactions with his fans told that it is gonna be a limited release and the name of the rose would be Fleur De Miraval. And the big news is that, fans do not need to wait much because it’s landing just after a month, in october.

Manufacturing of the champagne is being done at Chateau Miraval, this place was bought by the couple in 2012 when they got married to each other. However, they saw it in 2008 and fell in love with it just at the first sight. Initiation of buying the $67 million property was done in 2011 and the whole process took a year’s time.

This Chateau Miraval place is situated somewhere in the South of France and the land they have bought is really huge, of around 1200 acres. But after both of them got divorced, the fans thought that they would sell the property. However, according to what we have known from the sources, the couple doesn’t seem to sell the property rather, they want to keep it as an investment for their kids.

And ever since they have bought the place, it has been producing wonderful roses that have won a lot of awards. And according to what Brad said, he is quite fascinated towards champagne, he finds it to be a symbol of luxury, prestige and celebration, which indeed it is. However, he said that rose champagne aren’t as popular as it should be so they wanted to give this a try.