‘The One Where They Wear Ralph Lauren’ – A Ralph Lauren Collection To Dress Like 90s Style Icon Rachel Green! Friends’ inspired capsule collection

Jennifer Aniston served looks as Rachel Green for a decade in the T.V. show Friends. I’m sure you remember fawning over at least one outfit of hers if you’ve watched the cult show. Or even if you haven’t, you can’t miss her name when talking about major fashion icons from the 90s and 00s.

Rachel Green’s sartorial influence is especially felt these past few years since the big resurgence of the noughties fashion trends. Banking on this momentum, Ralph Lauren has recently launched a Friends’ inspired capsule collection.

Fans will remember that Rachel worked at the company for about five seasons throughout the show. So, the collection is a fitting tribute to their most famous (and fictitious) employee. Even the designer Ralph Lauren himself made a short appearance in an episode for the show.

Friends Celebrate 25 Years Of Its Debut

Called, ‘The One Where They Wear Ralph Lauren,’ the collection is a collaboration between the brand and Warner Bros. Consumer Products for the show’s 25th anniversary. This collection is the second major brand collaboration on the Friends theme this year.

Since this July saw Pottery Barn release a furniture collection dedicated to the iconic series. And yes, the items include that famous apothecary table too.

The Collection Is Sleek Work Wear Basics Inspired By Rachel Green

The Ralph Lauren x Friend’s collection is mainly inspired by the stylish work wardrobe of Ms. Green. A 13-piece selection of ribbed sweater vests, leather accessories, plaid, and pleated leather skirts and other inspired workwear basics.

Rachel always looked sharp and immaculate, but fun and sexy at the same time. This collection rings true for her aesthetic.


Looks like our bank account is crying already. On top of that, the collection will be unveiled at a certain luxury departmental chain of stores. Have you guessed it? It is Bloomingdales – the place where Rachel, as a young runaway-bride first started her fashion career, how life comes full circle!

Look out for the collection at the Ralph Lauren website and select stores worldwide on 27th September this year.