Tata Communications Collaborate With Cisco On cloud-based Cisco Webex Contact Center solution, hence increasing the global reachability!

Tata Communications have teamed up with Cisco to expand their collaboration. The joint venture will focus on providing customers with a safe, fully-managed, smart and cloud-based Cisco Webex Contact Center solution.

Since Tata Communications is one of the world’s largest digital infrastructure provider, Cisco Contact Center will have global reach now. Currently, Tata boasts of a network of 150 countries. Moreover, the company also has unparalleled expertise in managing services.

Peter Quinlan, who is the Vice President of Business Collaboration, Tata Communications spoke about the partnership in the announcement. The new joint venture is an answer to the need for more human-like and intelligent services for the customers.

The cloud-based accessibility of the Cisco Webex contact center joined with the global outreach and management of Tata Communications. This will make the customer experience much more comfortable. It will also cut costs drastically as well as be being an effective contact solution.

Customer service will be a faster experience due to the integration of AI and contextual capabilities. This makes the agents focus on the vital task at hand and not waste time at redundant activities. It will also profit the companies as productivity will be increased overall.

Vasili Triant, The General Manager and Vice President Of Cisco Contact Center Solutions also talked about the customers’ need for personalized customer experience. For that, companies have to focus on innovation. This will be possible with the new merger between the two companies. They will have to focus less on infrastructure and placing in service.

The brand-new Cisco Webex Contact Center will be powered by Tata Communications. Which will make licensing straightforward and optimise the workforce of the company. This technology will go live in the 150 countries Tata Communications operates in.

The two companies first started collaborating in 2015. Since then, Tata Communications have been a prominent Contact Centre service partner of Cisco.