The Nun 2: Taissa Farmiga Returns As Sister Irene In Sequel

Irene will continue her scary battle with Valak

The Nun 2 is currently in the works over at Warner Bros., and here is our first bit of news. Taissa Farmiga, who played Sister Irene in the 2018 movie is reprising her role for the sequel as well.

Let’s read in detail about the movie.

About The Nun

The Nun
Warner Bros.

The Nun was the second spin-off of the Conjuring franchise, following the Annabelle movies. The movie has Bonnie Aarons starring as the demon Valak, in the clothes of a nun. The character debuted in The Conjuring 2, at the Enfield haunting. She was shown to be following Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and was trying to murder him. The prequel movie takes place in Romania.

The Nun became the most successful spin-off in the Conjuring-verse, and it’s surprising that the sequel took so long to be announced.

Sister Irene’s Return

The Nun
Warner Bros.

Since Conjuring 2 happens decades after The Nun, it is clear that Sister Irene fails to defeat the demon. We already know that she will be failing the second time as well since the sequel is taking place four years after the original, and will take us to France. The reason why Valak cannot be contained will be a story element that the sequel will be exploring in greater detail.

Farmiga’s return means that it will be the first time in the Conjuring history that a main character returns, aside from Ed and Lorraine Warren, and of course, Valak. Farmiga will be joining Storm Reid, the previously-announced new cast member. It is likely that her character will serve as a mentor for Reid’s character when the ancient evil awakens in France.

Many would think that the first movie neatly tied up its ending with the first Conjuring movie, but it’s still exciting to see the beloved characters return to the big screen.