The ”MDI” is Back! Are You All Excited About What’s New? Find Out Here!

The most loved Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) of the year is back now; the level of happiness fans have right now is unbelievable. They have always wanted it to return, and now it’s back with better upgrades. 

It is back on its YouTube channel, and now the players even have the option to subscribe to the official channel so that they do not miss out on any update.  Also, there is an option to save the videos for later too, so if you miss watching any of them, you can view it later. 

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Due to the pandemic situation going on around the world, the production team and the players are both working from home.   Fans who have knowledge about the Dungeons should feel happy that new Dungeons are being introduced. 

Now talking about the tournament plan and if there will be any changes in them,  The MDI organization will be involved with six cups – three for each locale – trailed by the BFA finals not long from now. 

The finals are likely going to highlight an in-person LAN occasion for the last end of the season games, however, whether that will be conceivable given the ebb and flow circumstance is not yet clear. Coordinators are mindfully hopeful that when the occasions go to their regard, face to face occasions will be conceivable once more.

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The areas will be separated into two divisions—the Americas and Europe and Asia. Eight groups will make it to the Battle for Azeroth Finals—four from every Division. They will meet at an in-person rivalry where they will race. 

But till the pandemic situation resolves, it’s important fans remain patient and till then watch the Events on the YouTube channel.