Game of Thrones: A Story of Humans Set in a Fantasy World to Claim the Power

Game of Thrones is an extremely popular drama series adapted from the book by the same name. Written by George R.R Martin, David Benioff, and D.B Weiss, the show is a cult favorite with an immense fan following.
Why is the show so popular among fans and critics alike is a question that many ask. Is that it’s an incredibly successful crossover hit.

GOT owes it’s success to the fact that it is a big crossover hit.

By crossover, we mean, it is a show that has successfully narrated stories about humans in a fantasy world. Hence it adheres to the likes of two types of audiences: People who are fans of fantasy and medieval stories along with people who enjoy a well-written show, irrespective of the genre. There is a lot for everyone to enjoy.

GOT is a story of 9 princely families fighting with each other for their claim to rule Westeros, i.e., to be the lord of the seven kingdoms.
It involves various themes like that of violence, romance, betrayal, horror, witchcraft, comedy, and fantasy.

Game of Thrones boasts of an incredibly talented cast and a well-written script that has kept fans hooked onto it for years. However, it ended, leaving many fans upset over the turn of events in the last season. The internet was soon flooded with memes of the disappointing ending. Despite the unsettling ending, it still remains one of the best shows which was once talked about by everyone. The show was loaded with symbolic narration, and it steadily constructed an elaborate storyline, binding together stories of many powerful characters.

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The story focuses on the development of each character, combined with enthralling fantasy elements like that of Daenerys’s dragons, the white walkers, etc. This is one of the major reasons for the success of Game of Thrones.