Something that Season 3 of The Crown investigates is Prince Philip’s mind-boggling association with his mom, Princess Alice of Battenberg (played by Jane Lapotaire).

The illustrious Netflix show gives watchers an understanding into what the Duke of Edinburgh’s mom resembled, revealing insight into a portion of the horrendous accidents that occurred for an amazing duration, similar to her family’s flight oust their local Greece.

Here’s all that you have to think about Princess Alice of Battenberg in case you’re simply tuning into The Crown. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II had some solid familial associations from the beginning. The ruler’s mom, Alice of Battenberg, was conceived in Windsor Castle as Victoria Alice Elizabeth Julia Mary on February 25, 1885, as per The New York Times. She was the extraordinary granddaughter of her namesake, Queen Victoria (which implies Philip and Elizabeth are third cousins.)

Princess Alice was hard of hearing from birth, and could obviously lip read in a few dialects. While she was “raised as an English Princess,” per iNews, she likewise invested energy in Germany and Greece as a youngster and got conversant in German.

In 1903, Alice wedded Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and therefore got known as Princess Andrew. Their wedding occurred in Germany, The New York Times announced. The couple lived respectively in Greece and invited five kids together, with Prince Philip being the most youthful, and their solitary child.

Princess Alice had an entangled association with Greece, especially following the Greco-Turkish War, which occurred somewhere in the range of 1919 and 1922. Her better half, Prince Andrew, who instructed a military power in the war, was accused of Greece’s thrashing, as indicated by the Times. In spite of the fact that his life was saved because of remote mediation, the family ended up living in a state of banishment for a long time, which prompted Prince Philip being sent away to class in England. According to the therapist… from the British Psychological Society, Prince Philip’s mom got mental help from Sigmund Freud after her significant other was nearly executed after the Greco-Turkish War. Alice evidently “started to act in an exceptionally upset way,” which prompted her accepting an analysis of schizophrenia and being alluded to therapy.

She was treated by two of Freud’s protégés, one of whom ran the Swiss haven where the princess remained until the mid-1930s. Per the psychologist…, they counseled Freud, who “trusted Princess Alice’s strict dreams were the result of sexual dissatisfaction and suggested X-raying her ovaries so as to slaughter off her charisma.”

Supposedly, the princess’ medical problems, and the topic of whether she truly required these kinds of treatment or not affected extraordinarily upon Prince Philip, who had little association with both of his folks during this timeframe.