Michigan Oakland County Health Officials Confirm Rabies in Pet Cats! Urges Owners to get their pets Vaccinated!

Michigan Oakland County health official confirms Rabies in pet cats. Read on to know more details.

Health official confirms Rabies in cats

The research of health officials got initiated after the confirmed cases of Rabies in four bats and 11 skunks in Oakland earlier this year. And now, it is confirmed Rabies in pet cats.

“Rabies is really a dangerous disease for both humans and pets, and also the no treatment is there for this disease.” The only cure is to get vaccinated timely.

A dead skunk was found in West Bloomfield last month and tested positive for Rabies. Other nearest places also confirmed dead skunks with Rabies include Southfield, Hills, and Troy.

The health officials urged the pet owners to keep their pets both dogs and cats vaccinated timely for the virus rabies. You can see a few symptoms of the virus-like fever, swallowing, excessive drooling, unusual movement, and no fear of humans.

The health officials advised having an immediate vaccine after symptoms begin to occur. The quick process of vaccination will prevent people from dangerous viruses.

They continue, “It’s good if you keep your pets updated with vaccination on their regular vet visits, but also keep your animals on a leash when they are going outside”.

A Tip by Health Officials

If an unknown or wild animal has bitten or scratched you or your pet, immediately go and wash that affected area using soap and water. And without delay, go and have veterinary attention quickly, even if your animal was previously vaccinated.”