The hype for Young Justice season 5 is rising after the confirmation of Season 4. But will there be a season 5? Check out for More details here.

Young Justice season 4 is sure to happen, but will there be a season 5? Young Justice season 4 was formally announced at the the DC Universe panel in San Diego comic-con 2019. It will be aired exclusively on DC Universe in US and associated territories.

Leaked Title

There’s not a lot of details available about young Justice season 4 however a leaked production photo reveals the title to be “Young Justice: Phantoms.” In media language phantoms usually refer to ghosts from our past. What I can infer is that season 4 will have past aquaintances coming to either support or hinder our lead characters.

Release Date
It was also confirmed by the executive producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti that the production is already started. However there was no info regarding it’s release date. However DC Universe is set to air season 4 after the release of Doom Patrol season 2. It will safe to guess that fans will get to see season 4 in the late 2020.


Season 4 will contain array a villains from Lex Luthor to Darksied who had a cameo appearance in Season 2. Darkseid is a dark God and evil tyrant of Apokolips. The story of Apokolips is growing since season 1 and we might expect it to climax in season 4. Weisman and Vietti revealed that the story will focus on the Beast Boy’s outsiders team. The fight against trafficking of meta human teenagers will be a major focus in season 4.


The series has an array of voiceover artists. McCartney is doing voiceover for Dick Grayson,Khary Payton as aqualad, Nolan North as superlad, Alyson Stoner as Oracle. These crew members may return for their respective roles in season 4.

The trailer will be out soon. The waiting time will be way less compared to the 6 years of wait between season 2 and 3.

What do you guys think will happen in season 5. Comment below, let me know.