Laurie Nunn is writing the script for Sex Education season 3. When will it be announced, release date, cast, more updates here…

Sex Education is a commercially and critically successfull Netflix series with season 1 ranking in top 10 most streamed series for 2019.

What Laurie Nunn said about Sex Education season 3
Although there is no official announcement of season 3 we can expect it to happen after a month of season 2 release. According to LadBible, Sex Education creator Laurie Nunn has started to write the plot for season 3. She even told the “Hollywood reporter” that the characters of Sex Education have got legs. She feels that she could do more with the characters if given the chance and Netflix is very supportive for the same.
This does indicate the possibility of season 3

When will season 3 be released
Sex Education season 1 was released on 11th of January 2019. Season 2 was released on 17th of January 2020. We can clearly see a pattern in these release dates. Even though Netflix is yet to throw light on this topic, we can safely assume that season 3 will be out on Janaury of 2021.

We can expect the return of the main cast members for season 3. We will get to see more of Otis, Maeve, Eric, Jackson,Adam, Aimee and Jean in season 3.

Where will the story go
We all are free to imagine what will happen to the students of Moordale High in a possible season 3. But looking at the few loose ends of season 2 climax we can guess a few things. Season 3 may grow the storyline of Maeve and Otis. The story may focus on what happens after Isaac drives a wedge between Maeve and Otis.
Considering that Jean is pregnant, Jakob may get back with her after learning about it. It is also possible that season 3 may show abortion in a sensitive way as the series has never shown it before. There is a possibility that Jean could abort her pregnancy. Her fraud relationship with Jakob and Otis could become more stressful.

Many more guesses can be made about the plot. Feel free to comment yours down below.