The Handmade’s Tale: Who will be Helping June in Season 4? Cast Reveal and Release of Season 4… Read Everything Below

The Handmaid’s Tale is an America series. It’s first three episodes of season 3 were released on April 26,201. In 2017 and 2018 the series was renewed for its second and third season. Well, fans are sure that the series will be renewed for the 4th season too. Before reading further, make sure you have watched at least two season of the show otherwise you may come across spoilers.

Basic plot of the series

This is a story of June who is renamed Offerd and is sentenced to be a handmaid with her husband and her child. She lives in a country where women are second class citizens.

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Season 4 will start from where season 3 ended

In middle of helping hundreds of children and Marthas onto a plane to Canada, June was shot by Gilead guards. To find her daughter Hannah, she chose to stay between totalitarian state. But, since Gilead forces are behind June, she need some extra help for her mission.

Well, chances are that her husband who is devastated since the day June and Hannah are trapped in Gilead. He also reunited with family friend Moira and waits for good news about his wife and daughter.

However, let’s see if Luke invades in Totalitarian State for his wife and daughter or keep waiting for news from them.

When will season 4 come on the floor?

Not much is revealed about season 4 but Hulu has already announced that it will be realised in 2021. The exact date of release in 2021 is not yet announced.

Possible alteration in the cast

There is no big news about alteration in the cast. However, McKenna Grace will be joining the cast as Mrs Keyes. Amanda Brugel will not be returning. Above all, Elsabeth Moss, O.T. Fagbenle, Alexis Bledgel and Joseph Fiennes will be in the mains cast as in previous seasons.