The Great: Things Spiced Up Further for Season 2 after the Show’s Premiere in Hollywood

The premiere date is almost upon us

Hulu‘s royal comedy The Great‘s second season is almost here! We will get to see Elle Fanning return as Catherine the Great, a role which got her nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Her co-star Nicholas Hoult, who stars as Catherine’s husband Peter, also received multiple nominations for his role.

And now, the show is ready to premiere on Hulu on November 19th. The trailer promised to bring more humour and madness to this loose adaptation of historical characters and events.

The story so far

The Great

The Great season one begins with Catherine having an arranged marriage with Peter III. Peter’s brash and distant personality puts an end to all her romantic dreams. Catherine could tolerate it no longer and was ready to kill herself when her maid and confidant Marial shows up and tells her that as per Russian customs, the crown goes to the empress if the emperor has no heirs. They decided to overthrow Peter by creating an elaborate plan with one of his advisors named Orlo.

Meanwhile, Peter tries to make Catherine happier by bringing in a lover for her called Leo. She quickly falls for him. Meanwhile, Peter was having an affair with his best friend Grigor’s wife, and nearly gets killed by Grigor.

After his near-death experience, Peter decides to turn a new leaf and gives his marriage to Catherine a second chance. While they have some moments, Catherine realizes that Peter is not fit to rule and carries on with their plan. However, she gets pregnant and Peter finds out her plan. He threatens to kill Leo, but Catherine lets him die for her plan to succeed.

Season 2 story

The Great

The rivalry between Catherine and Peter continue, but due to her pregnancy, she knows Peter won’t try anything to have her killed. Gillian Anderson stars as aunt Elizabeth, who give the couple marriage advice. We will have to wait for the season to arrive to see how it all unfolds.

With The Great premiere in Hollywood taking place, things have hated up for season 2 even more.