The Great: Ahead of Season 2 Release Hulu Shares New Teasers for the Historical Comedy Drama

The Great season 2 trailer is out now!

Hulu’s historical comedy drama The Great’ season 2 is knocking on the door. The streaming network has recently released a trailer for the upcoming season of the show. The Show follows the life of Catherine the great. How her journey starts as an outsider and ends up being the longest reigning Russian ruler in the history.

The trailer

The Great
The Great | Instagram

The newly released full length trailer Catherine is shown to be crowned as Catherine The Great. Peter, her husband calls her title little arrogant of which she replied that it is arrogant, if you are not great, and if you are great you are just like calling things what they are. Catherine is trying to maintain control of the country while others are plotting against her. We can see pregnant Catherine in the trailer. The whole trailer looks fun as well as exciting.

Cast members and makers

The series stars Elle Fanning as Catherine, Nicholas Hoult as Peter, Phoebe Fox is playing Marial. Other cast members includes Sebastian De Souza, Charity Wakefield, Louis Hynes, Adam Godley and more. Gillian Anderson has joined the in this season as Catherine’ mother, her presence might make the new season even better.

The Great
The Great | Instagram

The Favorite’ co writer Tony McNamara is executive producer of The Great alongside Marian Macgowan, Doug Mankoff, Mark Winemaker, Fanning, Hoult, Brittany Kahan Ward, Andrew Spaulding, Ron West, Josh Kesselman, and Matt Shakman. Tony McNamara is also creator of writer of the show.

To find out what new and excited story this season of the show is bringing, fans have to wait just a month as season 2 will hit the platform Hulu on 19th of November.