The Good Doctor: The Upcoming Season will Witness ‘Jasika Nicole’ Returning Back for a Special Appearance

An American drama, ‘The Good Doctor,’ a series based on a South Korean series, sharing the same name as this. The story is a medical drama and was released first in 2017 and has been out with 3 seasons, with the 4th season coming ut very soon shortly. A major part of the series is filmed in Canada, precisely, Vancouver. The story is based on autism which is the reason why the series has not been welcomed as predicted by the public. The series has both good and bad reviews in light of the storyline. The show was purchased by CBS for premiering. The series can be streamed and watched on the same.

What is the premise based on?

the premise is based on a sensitive issue and is the reason behind all the criticism that it receives. The story revolves around an autistic surgeon whose life story is shown in the show. He is sent away to another hospital for getting a proper treatment. None the less, the performers of the show have set high standards due to the realistic acting that they do and is the reason behind their appreciation as well. 


The third season saw a modification in the casting team that was different from the previous seasons. Some performers leaving, while some staying was the reason why the show lost the viewers that it had. The recent pieces of news confirm that Jasika Nicole, who left the show in the initial seasons and had a short appearance in the last season, Jasika has not been a regular part of the series. The actress is planning to return with the upcoming season. The reason behind her leaving the show was her breakup with Carly after she rediscovered her persisting love for Lea. The actress is more than welcomed by the team and is herself ready for the appearance despite the past trauma that she was obliged to overcome.

Any confirmation about the release date?

No, there has been no official statement about the release of the 4th season. The show is most likely to be delayed by a bunch of months from what was the planned month due to the imprints of coronavirus in the shooting of mostly all the series or with the post-production work of many.