Spinning Out: Season 2 of the Show Met with a Tragic Fate

Spinning Out is an American series based on a fictional story. The story is a heart whelming story with the moral of trying despite hardships in life. The debut of the show was in 2020 and has successfully been completed, waiting for the second season to be released. The ongoing hardships are not hidden from anyone. We all know what the effect of the pandemic has caused not only to the economies of the country or the educational institutions but also to the art industry with mostly every other film or series shooting being called off or either being delayed. 



The story is based on a skater who is suffering from a mental illness simultaneously and is trying her best to hide that from her family along with practicing and excelling at skating. Kat Baker, the character who is a determined girl and a professional at skating trying in every aspect to become supreme at skating and achieve the level of Oscar skater.

Is there a new season?


The first season came to an end and the 2nd season got renewed. The series shows the ardent desire of Kat to achieve perfection at what she does. The show got an average rating by several organizations. However, there were critical reviews about the same. Some believe that was the reason why the show could not be premiered in the future. Netflix was the broadcasting platform for the first season and was expected to renew the second season as well. Despite the producers seeing the renewal of a positive approach, Netflix had something else in mind. The second season got canceled in February and will no more be premiered on Netflix much to the disappointment of its viewers.