The Grand Tour season 5: The Abrupt Season 4 Left Fans Confused for Season 5. Check Out the Complete Details Below


A British television series, The Grand Tour is based on the ranking of the Top Gears from the year 2016, up to 2019. The first season of the series was released in 2016. There have been 4 seasons already released, the first three with an average of 11-12 episodes each(individual number may be more or less). The fourth episode made a shocking appearance with only 1 episode in total and that’s what confused the viewers whether the upcoming season will be the continuation of the 4th season or a whole new season in itself.

The confusion needs to be cleared and fans must know that the 4th episode was planned to have only 1 episode, the 5th season that got renewed after the completion of the 4th episode is yet to be released.

Where can one watch the series?

The series is available on Amazon Prime for streaming and watching. The reason being the production of the show being by Amazon Prime. The 5th season, like the previous season, can be watched on the same and the previous seasons are also reserved at the same platform for a watch. Fans need to only wait for the release of the upcoming season.

When do we expect the 5th season to be released?

The 5th season was controversial in the aspect that it was uncertain whether the 5th season will be released or not. The official page of The Grand Tour confirmed that it will be premiering the 5th season and will be released by the end of this year. The news can be relied on since it was released through the official page of the series. The shooting of the series is continuing in Madagascar, Africa. Surely a must-watch series.