The Canadian Heartthrob, Drake, is Reaping Fruits of his Hard Work as his Net Worth Multiplied Significantly Last Year. Read More to Know More

The famous singer, which is the world’s heartthrob and is the best Canadian rapper- known as Drake, is earning a lot more than any of the other rappers. 

His net worth is increasing, and the credit for that can be given solely to his music. He was also awarded for the 5th best rapper of the world in 2009 by Forbes. Also, he is one of the youngest rappers. 

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According to a few sources, his net worth went up in 2019, by over 50% and it all can be attributed to his back to back hit songs. He is one of those rappers whose singles have been sold more than any other artist, making him popular all around the world. 

The song “God’s plan,” which went very famous all over the world, had won the Grammy award, which made the rapper more popular. 

His net worth Was $150 million in 2019 and is roughly around $170 million this year, and he is on 5th number after Kayne west who’s net worth is 90 million more than his. 

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No other reason can be listed because of which his net worth is increasing apart from being such an amazing rapper.  

Drake reported to Forbes that no matter what it takes, he will always try to do things that will make him earn more money. 

His only objective is to earn around $2 million on every night tour he goes on. 

Apart from singing, his net worth can be contributed to some of his professional business brands, which he has started named as OVO stands for October’s Very Own, which is a tribute to drake itself as he was born in the month of October. This company started off as an online company where Drake, for  the first time, released his first studio album named -“thank me later.”