Stone Ocean: Season 5 of the Suspenseful Anime Series Soon to Return with a New Season After Pandemic

‘Stone Ocean’ is another name for the famous anime series, Jojo’s Bizzare adventures. Till now the series has had five seasons each and had a very great response from the audience, it even made fans go crazy for them and want more seasons, But it’s almost a year now since season 6 also called Stone Ocean released. Below are the mentioned details as to when the season is expecting to launch. 

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus all over the world, the production of the series is being affected. However, this season’s shooting was happening for a long time but could not be completed due to sudden lockdown everywhere. Because of this, the release of the season is being delayed. 

But likely right now, it is expected for the season to release anytime in 2021,  but not before that. The stars are always worried about how they’ll manage other upcoming anime series as well, so yes, 2021 will be full of anime series, so if you are a fan, it’s that time for you.  

pic credits- okakukart

Because of the great response from the public, the production team had no option but to release another season. Talking about its plot,  it’s going to be the same, the story of the season will be continued from where it was left in season 5. 

Talking about the cast, it will mostly be including the same actors, and maybe some new additions come as well but however, it isn’t confirmed as of now. So, it is requested to all the fans to remain patient right now, and you can binge-watch the previous seasons till then, wait till your favorite anime drops soon, which isn’t very far away.