The Canandian Singer, Drake, is Loved Globally, However, his Dynamics with his Contemporaries Differs. Check Out all the Singers he has Beef With

Drake, a Canadian singer, with several super hit songs such as Work, Nice for What, One Dance, and many more down the line has been trending ever since the start of his career. Everyone has loved listening to his songs due to the beats that make everyone dance to them. However, his personal life has been approached a bit differently from his songs. The list below is of the singers who he has beef with. 

1.Kanye West

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The two have had an on and off relation, sometimes sweet, whereas, sometimes bad. Their relation worsened when Kanye told Pusha about Drake’s secret child. The above news was refused by Pusha who said that nothing much had ever happened and that Drake and Kanye had a lot to settle between the two.

2. Pusha

Although the enmity that Drake has with Pusha T is disclosed to all, there have been several occasions when the two have gone too personal about each other with the filthy act of passing offensive comments about each other’s family. 

Their hatred started when Pusha T commented that Drake had ghostwriters in his famous song, called ‘Infrared.’ The fight got stemmed with Pusha passing on that comment, after which, Drake’s name dropped Pusha’s wife (then fiance) in his song ‘Duppy’. Pusha responded with ‘The Story of Adidon’, in which he revealed Drake’s secret son, not ending with this, in fact, he even mocked Drake’s mom, dad, and OVO 40’s battle with various sclerosis.

 3. Diddy

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The two were rumored to have a physical attack. Diddy, as per the news, had slapped Drake or punched him on the face, which he later rejected by saying that the two were in bad terms over the song ‘0 to 100.’

4. Rihanna

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Yes, the famous debut of Drake, the song ‘work’ was one of the most followed songs at that time, and so is it now. Drake has always expressed his desire to have children with Rihanna, while she kept slamming him by calling him a friend.

 5. Kid Cudi

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In 2016, before going to the rehabilitation center, Kid always kept complaining about platforms like Twitter about how Drake never bothered about the mental health that disappointed him.

 6. Tyga

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Tyga had called Drake ‘fake’ on the VIBE Magazine. To that, Drake responded with a song called ‘6 PM in New York’ in which he recalled the entire scenario in the lyrics of the song. He, through his song, asked Tyga to not behave like a kid, by naming people on national platforms and personally attacked his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner who was a minor then by referring her as a ‘kid’.

7. Common

The two were fighting over Serena Williams, by exchanging words in their respective songs. The rivalry was very clear back then, however, now they are neither friends nor beef.

8. Diplo

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The two had a cold war. Drake unfollowed Diplo over every social media when there were the reports of Drake’s son joining Brockhampton, as posted on Twitter (which has been deleted since then)

9. Willey

Wiley, a rapper from the UK is often seen criticizing Drake by calling him a ‘culture vulture’. Seems much of a trend, Drake replied with him song called ‘It is what it is’. Wiley has dedicated an entire Twitter thread to diss Drake where he is repeatedly calling him a ‘pagan.’

10. The Weeknd

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The singer signed to Republic, instead of Drake’s OVO label. The two have jabbed each other since then in their respective songs, named ‘5 am in Toronto’ and ‘Lost in the Fire.’