The entire Kaardashian Jenner family wished Scott Disick on his birthday except his ex! Read for more details.

Scott Disick, an American model with great looks is a known star. His looks have no less outreach than that of other stars. He had a tough phase in life after his mother’s demise, followed by his father’s three months later. He considered it important to consult a rehabilitation center to get himself fixed until he could overcome the biggest loss of his life.

As per the reports, drug or alcohol abuse wasn’t his incentive for coming into the rehabilitation center, rather his breaching of privacy was the reason for him forcing a checking out and would be returning home. The invasion at privacy had to be taken seriously and immediately dealt with.


What was the piece of news about his birthday?

Recently, the star came in the limelight when it was his birthday and the event witnessed a variety of stars, ranging from Kris Jenner to Kim Kardashian. Not only that, but the Kardashians and the Jenners also posted a collage of ‘Lord Disick’ where they sent a lovely message to him as wishes n social media on the day of his birthday. Kim took to Twitter to tweet that Scott had been an amazing father, brother as well as a friend on that special day for him. She shared a bunch of photos with him and one of them featured Kim along with husband Kanye next to Scott.

The party gained wide recognition due to another fact, which was Scott’s ex-girlfriend  Sofia Richie having skipped the party. Insiders tell that the party was a good one with a high budget and the 37th birthday of the star was a success, although he couldn’t overcome the above loss, it was a good move from his friends who had decided to give him a moment of happiness.