Do you think you know everything about Johhny Depp? We bet you don’t! Read to find out.

edJohnny Depp, a famous star in the series Pirates of the Caribbean has something more than good acting and fighting skills in the series. The list tells us about 10 such surprising facts about him.

  1. He paid $3.6 million to buy an island in the Bahamas which he found while shooting his series that comprises 6 beaches. He names them after his acquaintances and also the place where he got married to his wife. A fantastic view of aquatic life and scenery, the island is worth it.
  2. 2.he was a part of two good relationships in the 90s. he had married once at the age of 20 years. The two were together for 2 years after which they left as his wife accused him of physical abuse.
  3. His phobia of clowns is not unknown to anyone. He finds a sign of evil from them. he can’t figure out if they’re happy or not.
  4. In 2007, he went through a dark phase when his daughter had kidney failure and was admitted for a complete 9 days. 
  5. His first role has been not only famous in the act but also because of his awareness of the production and direction team.
  6. His roles have shaken the fans, nut they didn’t do well on the box office. Won the best actor awards several times, but has been unsuccessful at getting an Oscar.
  7. He belongs to the royal family of London due to a distant relationship.
  8. He was caught smuggling in Australia and was caught for smuggling his dogs. They were fined and had to promise good behavior after they were filed for a complaint. He is known for his dark remarks.
  9. His challenge for Leonardo De Capri where he had to pay him an amount for doing a dare was famous when it was done. Not much later did his fans know the same.
  10. He owned a night club in LA. Later, he had to leave the possession. Outside the club, the Hollywood actor Phoenix had overdosed and died. He had tried ways to keep the crown outside the bar, yet had failed.

Indeed a life fun enough, beyond his acting. he has had a thrilling and adventurous life for various reasons.