Late Kobe Bryant and widow Vanessa’s 11 months old daughter took her first few steps and it’s beyond adorable: mama is proud of her!

Kobe Bryant, a late basketball player at the NBA passed away in a tragic plane crash. Her 13-year daughter named Gianna ‘GiGi’ also passed away in the same plane crash. The family was traveling together but the two among the rest succumbed to the tragic incident along with 7 others on board. The couple was blessed with 4 children after their 11 months old daughter, who is also the youngest named Capri was born to the couple. Their little angel has turned 11 years old and has recently come to the news after her mother posted a video of her taking her first steps.


Their life, filled with misery and nostalgia makes it tough for them to live back in the present. Not a single day when the family recalls their loss and has a grieving moment. They have found happiness with things like the rest of the family members or their work that would keep them busy at something if nothing else. 

What was there in the video?

Every mother feels blessed upon seeing their children grow into an independent being. Vanessa finds solace with the rest of her family members after losing her husband and one child. She posted a video on Instagram where her daughter who is 11 years old took her first steps and walked from her aunt Sophie to her.

The video featured the amount of happiness the two ladies had among seeing the little girl taking her first few steps. Had Kobe been there to see his little angel walk for the first time, his heart would have melted the same way his wife did.

The moment that every mother waits for in her life was there, right in front of her eyes, the only thing missing was his husband to have seen and the couple to have blessed the young child. She even revealed a letter that Kobe had written which she was waiting to open on that day which was a sweet message from his to his daughter who was addressed as the love of his life. Indeed, an emotional moment for the family.