The ‘Devil’s Driver’ is Portraying a Drive in Most Dangerous Region in the New Teaser

Mohammed Abugeth and Daniel Carsenty exposing Human trafficking in a teaser and film

The devil’s driver shows several Palestinian Bedouins living in the picturesque southern West Bank. They have been forced to work as migrant labourers in Israel. This is a modern-day rendition of Robin Hood. In 2012 recording began with two Bedouin cousins who were smuggling labourers into Israel in a jeep.

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Several years later, the condition has deteriorated to the point where one has decided to leave. Yet in 2016, he was asked to cross the border once more by a caller on a late night. As a result, he was detained by special forces the very following day on suspicion of supporting an ISIS attack. In a world that is becoming more perilous by the day, the documentary follows two cousins as they fight for their independence.

The Devil’s driver on TIFF 2021

With close to 200 films in its Official Selection, TIFF’s 46th edition offers 10 days of extraordinary worldwide and Canadian film. While TIFF is recognised as the world’s biggest film festival. It also continues its position as a leader in highlighting under-represented cinematic voices, as well as a bellwether for showcasing award-winning movies from all over the world.

The devil's driver on Tiff
Credits : Facebook

And The devil’s driver movie all set to premiere in TIFF on September 12. 2021. XTR and Mark It Zero produced this film and CHUNK Filmproduction, Doha Film Institute as well as AFAC supported and co-produced The Devil’s Driver.

Filmmakers about their challenges

Abugeth and Carsenty  said that has been the toughest problem of our picture. Added many times, they questioned whether they would ever be able to make this film work. Because financing this picture was exceedingly challenging. Filmmakers said they paid for the film out of our own pockets over a lengthy period of time. They forced back into Berlin, and find a way to support ourselves and save the income to record the film. They had to leave to face the risk of filmmaking when leading a dangerous life.