Halloween Kills: New Teasers Shows Michael Myers being Unmasked

Halloween Kills to have theatrical and digital release simultaneously

On September 10, a brand new teaser of Halloween Kills got released on Twitter. The video shows Michael Myers’s mask getting ripped off. However, the scene only lasts for a fleeting moment.

The Halloween franchise’s forthcoming film Halloween Kills picks up the story of Laurie Strode from Halloween (2018). As Michael survives Laurie’s trap, he continues with his mass murders. On the other hand, Laurie inspires Haddonfield town to destroy the Halloween monster.

Consequently, the Strode women join a group of survivors of Michael’s first rampage forming a vigilante mob to hunt Michael down forever. Followed by Halloween Kills, the film Halloween Ends (2022) lands next in the franchise.

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills
Universal Pictures

The spooky trailer

Halloween Kills’ official Twitter account posted the new teaser on September 10. The post also revealed the simultaneous streaming of the film on the Peacock streaming service for 60 days. However, it will only be available for paid members.

The video shows a woman lifting Michael Myers’s mask off for a flying moment. Although the scene finishes in the blink of an eye, we get a glimpse of the person removing it. According to the official trailer released previously, it might look like Karen (daughter of Laurie Strode) is the one to do it. But, the woman in the new video released turns out to be Lindsey Wallace, played by Kyle Richards.

Looks like the film Halloween Kills might be more violent than other films of this franchise. At the same time, this movie also brings Michael out of the shadows and will set him against the large population of Haddonfield town. Thus, making him vulnerable to the forces of the raged mob.

Release Date:

Halloween Kills will hit the theatres on October 15, around Halloween time. Simultaneously, it will be available on the Peacock streaming service starting October 15.