The Crown: Season 5 of the Royal Drama Series to Explore “Richness & Complexity” of Royal Family in Depth

Season 1 of  “The Crown” was released on 4th of November, 2016. Since then, the show has a huge fanbase.  Season 4 of “The Crown” was released on  15th of November, 2020. Fans are wondering since then when will season 5 of the show will roll out. As for now, Netflix has already confirmed in July, 2020 that there will be two more seasons of the show.

Therefore, it is clear that the show will have fifth season and will come to an end after sixth season.

Synopsis of season 5 of “The Crown”

The plot of the season 5 will set to roll out from where season 4 ends. Since, season 4 was set in to show 1980s timelines therefore season 5 will portray timeline of 1990s.

Season 5 will show some very serious parts of  Queen’s life. It will show hw three of her children’s marriage get destroy and how Windsor Castle is destroyed due to fire. Moreover in one of her speech just after the Windsor Castle she mentioned that 1992 is the year she would never like to look back at it. She called the year 1992 as “annus horribilis”.  The show may also cover the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and the death of Diana in 1997.

As for season 6, it may portray the timeline of 2000s. Also there is no trailer of season 5 yet since the filming is not even started. Moreover, the shooting will not begin before summer 2021 amid COVID-19 and other circumstances.

Team of “The Crown” season 5

The cast is not yet revealed but there will be assured changes in the cast of the show as the timeline of the show will be different this time. For now, Imelda Staunton will portray Queen Elizabeth II, Lesley Manville will portray Princess Margaret, Jonathan Pryce will portray Prince Philip and Elizabeth Debicki will portray Princess Diana. However, Dominic West will portray Prince Charles but it is not sure and fans are considering it as a rumor.