The Crown Season 4 Is Finally Here And It Unravels More Than You Can Ever Imagine!

After a long wait, the royal family has finally arrived on Netflix with a brand new fourth season! The fourth season has been already stirring up a buzz amongst fans and let’s just say the wait was all worth it!

The Crown Season 4 Is Finally Here And It Surely Is Grabbing All The Attention!

The fourth season is all about women’s power! We get to see the arrival of characters like Margaret Thatcher and the much-awaited, Lady Diana! The ten- episodes a fourth season is all about the intense political action, a fairytale wedding, and the unwanted turn of events afterward.

Moreover, fans couldn’t help but be in awe of the fantastic Emma Corrin who shines bright as Lady Diana in the fourth season! The young actress was stunning and meticulous in her portrayal as the Princess of Wales. You simply cannot get enough of her acting and the brilliance in her portrayal.

You Just Cannot Miss Emma Corrins And Gillian Anderson’s Acting In The Crown Season 4!

Apart from Emma Corrin, fans would love Gilliam Anderson’s portrayal of the Iron Lady herself, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The sheer brilliance of these actors is beyond words and you need to witness all the magic at once exclusively on Netflix. Don’t miss out on some of the important parts including the one with the whole Balmoral test incident.

While we don’t want to give any spoilers, the fourth season finale ends with a cathartic cliffhanger and we are going to be waiting for the fifth season as soon as we finish the fourth one! Till then, don’t miss out on all the intense action that is going on in the royal family.