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The British Royal Family not involved in the making of ‘The Crown’? Is the series depicting true events or is entirely based on rumors? Find out!

The television series of ‘The Crown’ which depicts the events in the life of Queen Elizabeth II is a quite popular and loved series by the audiences of Netflix. Many might assume that the incidences shown in the series were narrated to the creators by the members of the British royal family. However, to their and everyone else’s surprise, no involvement of any of the Royals has been confirmed by the family itself. Peter Morgan, the writer of the series, had stated earlier that he went to visit the members of the royal family and “people who are very high-ranking and very active with the organization.” According to him, he went to meet the royal people around four times a year to convey them the plot of ‘The Crown.’ This statement of his was published in the newspaper before the release of season 3 of the television series. He quoted, “Respectfully, I tell them what I have in mind, and they brace themselves slightly. After the claims got viral through the newspapers, a letter was dispatched from the royal palace by the Queen’s communications secretary, Donal McCabe, to some prominent newspaper companies in the state, which turned the entire air against Morgan. The letter read, “The Royal Household has never agreed to vet or approve content, has not asked to know what topics will be included, and would never express a view as to the program’s accuracy.”Following this, Morgan’s earlier statements were brought up again in the newspapers. The next thing we know was another declaration from the side of the royal family (through McCabe) that stated that the article containing Morgan’s statement might have convinced the readers to have an impression that the series of ‘The Crown’ is a “some sort of endorsement by the Royal Household or an acceptance by the Royal Household that the drama is factually accurate.”Continuing further, McCabe stated on behalf of the family, “We appreciate that readers of The Times may enjoy this fictionalized interpretation of historical events, but they should do so knowing that the Royal Household is not complicit in interpretations made by the program,”

Attempts are being made to hear from Morgan about this issue.