Happy Days Alum Scott Baio Slams the Whole Cast Reunion and Takes a Dig at John Stamos

It seems like a popular actor recently took a dig at John Stamos and expressed his disappointment on a reunion that might not have been a happy one for the actor itself.

Scott Baio Is Not Quite Happy With The Whole Happy Days Reunion! Here’s Why

Happy Days actor Scott Baio recently expressed his disagreement with the whole cast reunion of the popular sitcom which has been organized to raise funds to financially support Democrats running for office. Here’s the Twitter post where the actor slammed the whole cast reunion of Happy Days and said that it indeed is a shame!

In a recent interview, the Happy Days alum called the reunion as a little bizarre and even slammed Full House star John Stamos as well. Biao further said that the reason why he is not on board with the whole reunion thing is that he does not believe in socialism and Marxists.

The Happy Days Star Took A Dig At John Stamos As Well!

The actor took his opportunity to take a dig at John Stamos saying that he knew that Stamos always wanted to play the role of Chachi instead of a second fiddle to a three-year-old kid. We wonder what the Full House actor has to say about this comment. Here’s the Twitter post about the interview. 

According to Baio, he is not quite on board with the reunion as he feels like it strips the American values of Happy Days. Moreover, the cast member feels that the sitcom is all about a slice of Americana. He called it shameful and is quite impressed with the reunion and took to social media  to voice his disappointment about it.