“The best thing NYC can ever offer to its citizens is here”: New York State Fair tickets discounted to $1 for the weekend!


The New York State Fair will be offering discounted admission tickets for $1 only. The offer is valid for this and the upcoming weekend.

— New York State Fair (@NYSFair)

That is not all. The tickets can be booked online for August 24, 25, 31 and September 1, which can be collected at the entrance gates and all the patron names will enter a draw, with the winner getting a Lifetime Fair Pass. Also, any unused tickets from this year’s fair will be acceptable next year.

— New York State Fair (@NYSFair)

The purchased tickets also have some added perks. From free entry to the fair if there is a ticket from the St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater from 2019 and, free entry if one rode on the Amtrak train on the fair days. There are more discounts available for children under 12, for seniors who are 60 and above, law enforcement officers, firemen, retired soldiers, native Americans, and students.

Such incredibly cheap and discounted tickets are not just to attract more people to the fair. The announcement for this price drop came after the fairest new record of daily visitors on its first two days. The decision behind this is to allow everyone to participate in the fair and have a firsthand experience of what is deemed to be one of America’s best fairs.

— New York State Fair (@NYSFair)

Of the various reasons to visit the state fair, the food should be at the top. There are Donut Burger, Long John Donut Hot Dog with maple syrup, deep-fried macaroni, candy bars, and more. There are rides, attractions, and games for both kids and adults. There will also be Coronas Circus Hollywood, who is from Europe and have been performing for nearly 60 years.

— New York State Fair (@NYSFair)

There will also be a SkyRiver Butterfly exhibit with exotic butterflies from all over the world. Also, a Potato Booth where for $1 one can get wine and sweet potatoes with toppings of his choice. The fair has eight hundred pounds of butter sculpture. This is a fair of a lifetime to attend.


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