Motown came up with the Big Screen Friday Night!


Motown came back home with a big screen Friday Night. The Label’s new sanctioned documentary played for an audience of the company alumni and others on the same day. The premier was done at Emagine Royal Oak. The occasion was a major one and more than 200 gathered for the same.

Motown came up with the Big Screen Friday Night! 7

Hitsville: The Making of Motown played a red carpet premiere on the day. The national debut of the film would be done at 9 p.m. Saturday on the Showtime. The Contours founder, Joe Billingslea, when reached the avenue, said, look at us 60 years later. The Motown Museum hosted the programmer. The CEO of the Motown Museum and Marc Byers even had a good time together posing for a photo during the red carpet event before the premiere of the film.

The other big faces at the Motown Museum included founding Miracles member Claudette Robinson who had come to represent those who were no longer with us. Grabbing the pop-corn boxes labeled the Motown near a Hitsville, U.S.A, façade, the crowd then settled down for the 2-hour film, a Detroit-centric tale of the Label’s early years.

Motown came up with the Big Screen Friday Night! 8

The alumni were joined in by the musicians, singers, and staffers who are the backbones of the legacy that was viewed were there too said the Museum’s, Robin Terry. The global powerhouse came into life in the 60s unfolding the experiences with great music and occasional tears amid the audience. On that day, the audience had Robinson, arranger Paul Riser, former company exec Miller London, and Vandellas Annette Beard and Rosalind Ashford.

Motown came up with the Big Screen Friday Night! 9

London told that he had an excellent eight-hour talk with a pair of British filmmakers when he sat down with them. He said his brilliant experience and that for a 60-year-old company, the standing was exceptional. Apart from him, Cosby said that he was very much thrilled to be a part of the whole moment there.


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