The Beach house on Sale ! Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Divorcing?

The multimillion beach house in Carpinteria, California owned by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi had been sold out with a price tag of $23million. Although the beach house was planned to be sold for $24 million, they were paid $23 million.

The house was purchased by the makeup tycoon Jamie Kern Lima and husband Paulo Lima with the payment made in cash. Paulo and Jamie not only being the founders of the IT Cosmetics in 2008 but also purchased L’Oreal for $1.2 billion in 2014. Jamie apart from being the CEO of the cosmetic company has also appeared in the movies such as Baywatch and Big Brothers season 1 on the 1990s.

The house in Carpinteria is around 7,000 sq. Ft and with beautiful finishing of the furniture’s as well as the view outside of the Pacific Ocean. There is a modern style kitchen, gym, bedroom suite, and a master bedroom with many more spaces.

The property was purchased by Ellen and Portia in October 2017 with a price of $18.6 million that is they got a profit of $4.4 million through the property. Ellen has been quite famous for purchasing property and is known to be house-flipping as she had purchased 12 houses in the past 20 years.

Everyone is wondering if they are going to sell house before or after divorce?

The two of them would have been celebrating, but they have to face speculations about their divorce. The two have had too many fights and are barely speaking to each other and have almost broken up from each other since a short period of time. The two have not acknowledged to the last rumors about them splitting up, and Ellen, later on, decided to acknowledge and answer them.

I believe in the rumors; they want to split up soon as Ellen does not seem to be happy with Portia’s decision about focusing on her acting career.