The Batman: The New Posters Unveiled Narrates a Darker Story and Relationship between Batman & Catwoman

The New Posters Screams The Batman

There’s a new Batman movie coming up and our favourite actor Robert Pattinson is starring as the one and only Batman, The dark knight. Zoë Kravitz is playing the role of Catwoman, the expert thief. Everyone is anticipated about how the movie is going to be. But there is a reason why Ben Affleck passed the torch to Robert. As we all know that Robert is a great actor. Christian Bale also very much appreciated that Robert is playing the role this time.

The Vengence!

The Batman

On May 31, 2019 Warner Bros. officially announced that the movie will show Robert Pattinson portraying the young Bruce Wayne/Batman. Robert started training for the role and  worked with Rigan Machado, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Black belt champion. Rigan has also worked with actors like Charlie Hunnam, Vin Diesel etc. Originally, the movie was about to release on 25th June, 2021. But due to some issues related to Covid, the release date was delayed. Now the movie will release on 4th March, 2022.

Watching Over the City

The Batman
Source: thebatman, Instagram

We have been getting small updates and news about the movie now and then. New trailers and teasers have been released for The Batman. And its just now in, two new posters have also been released. In the first one we can see Robert Pattinson as Batman and Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman standing on a roof and looking over the Gotham City as the sun sets.

Unmask the Truth

The Batman
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The second poster shows the serious and titular face of The Dark Knight with the phrase ‘Unmask The Truth’ written at the top. The theme and font of this poster shows how dark, twisted and action-packed this movie is going to be. Paul Dano will play the role of the dangerous and mysterious Riddler and Collin Farrell as the Penguin. Jeffery Wright will play the role of Commissioner Gordon and Andy Serkis will play the iconic role of Alfred Pennyworth.

The Batman is one of the highly awaited movies of the year. Everyone is eager to see Robert Pattinson take the legacy of Caped Crusader ahead.