The Audience Can’t Get Over Netflix’s Latest Presentation, “The Half of it,” even the Half of it is Enough to Make you Fall in Love with the Movie

“The Half of it” is a Netflix original movie which released on May 1, 2020. The movie did a good job and the audience connected with the movie well enough.

Here are 10 reasons why the movie connected so well with the audience:

  • The movie is about a teenager who is in high school and people could relate with the comic scenes and since the movie is not much intense so people can enjoy it with much free mind.
  • The story seems very realistic to the audience, like a simple Chinese-American family living in Squahamish who often feel like outsider to this town. Ellie who is the main character live alone with her father spends much of time trying to understand this atmosphere and avoid the bullies in her high school.

  • Basically there is a love triangle in the movie which is far more different than what we usually see. Jock Paul asks a favour to Leah in order to impress Aster. But later Ellie realises that she is too falling in love with Aster instead.
  • Since the movie is about LGBTQ community which combines the high school life. It can be relatable for many people as people can more freely express their feeling for each other without fearing.
  • Director of the movie Alice Wu avoided far-fetched things and this is what keeps the movie grounded. The movie may not have much dramatic scenes but the movie has moments which definitely melt everyone’s heart.
Credit: Netflix


  • Wu did a great job in defining each character and remembering how sensitive LGBTQ topic can be.
  • The characters of the movie Ellie, Jock and Aster are kept in balance. Ellie is shy and introvert girl who is afraid to confess her feelings for Aster. On the other hand the role of Aster is shown as much fun loving and outgoing.
  • Ellie is one of the best character of the movie. She is generous, kind and everyone loves her. Nobody can just get over her even if it is half of her.
Credit: Netflix


  • Due to the balance in characters and story audience enjoyed the film a lot.
  • There is no overloaded teen comedy in the movie, the movie is kept as streamlined as it could be.