The Amber Heard – Johnny Depp Feud Became Intense Over Filming Commitments! Check out what we are talking about.

It seems like the Amber Heard- Johnny Depp divorce battle is turning all messier and dramatic with time! The case has another test this time and it seems like Depp might face the aftermath of it!

The Whole Amber Heard- Johnny Depp Feud Is Becoming All The More Intense!

Recently, the whole Amber- Depp battle escalated when Depp had to change fourth dates due to his ongoing shoot for the Fantastic Beast 3 production. Ex-wife Amber Heard took this shot to backlash the actor.

According to reports, Amber Heard’s legal team argued that Johnny Depp should have tried to make an effort and make some changes in his filming commitments instead of asking to shift the court dates. For this, the written record has started that the actor has made no efforts whatsoever! With the dates for film production being decided way back in June or July, the legal team felt like some quick decision had to be taken from Depp’s side.

Amber Heard’s Legal Team Said That Depp Did Not Make Any Effort To Shift His Film Commitment.

The written record further states that instead of alerting the production house with the trial dates, he rather thought it would be convenient to ask the court to reschedule the dates. However, now it has taken a complicated turn.

It is also reported that while Amber Heard has her own filming commitments in February, her legal team has filed a motion to not allow the dates to change. The court case dates have been scheduled for January 11 and January 28, 2021. Now we have to wait to see how the whole filming and court dates move forward keeping both the actor’s need in mind in this extremely tricky situation.